Teach Your Children The Dangers Of Car Surfing Before It's Too Late

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The Internet and airwaves are, unfortunately, filled with videos and shows that glorify high-risk pranks and stunts. While most have disclaimers stating that no one should copy the behavior being exhibited in these videos, it's not uncommon for impressionable teens to attempt these dangerous stunts. One of the more common stunts today is known as car surfing. This is an extremely dangerous stunt that has caused numerous deaths and serious injuries throughout the country. And what these videos don't show their viewers is the fact that the parties involved with the car surfing activity could be arrested and charged if someone were to die during the stunt.

What is Car Surfing?

The term car surfing can actually covers a number of different stunts, including:

  • A person riding on the exterior of the car while another drives. Sometimes, the surfer will try to balance on the trunk, while other times the rider will try to stand on the hood or even the roof of the vehicle. Some people also consider people standing in the bed of a moving pick-up truck as car surfing. 
  • Pulling a person who is riding on a skateboard or wearing rollerblades alongside or behind a vehicle.
  • Dragging a person behind a vehicle that is riding in something such as a sled or a shopping cart.

The Dangers

Even at speeds as low as five miles per hour, a car surfer could sustain serious injuries or even die if they were to fall off a moving vehicle, according to USA Today. And no matter how careful a driver is, there is always a chance that something could happen to cause a surfer to fall from the vehicle. For example, a dog could dart in front of the car, which could then cause the driver to brake abruptly and throw his surfers to the ground. 

Talk to Your Teen

Your teen may not be aware how dangerous car surfing is, so it's up to you to warn them against engaging in this type of behavior. Let them know up front that their driving privileges are contingent on them using their vehicle responsibly. In addition, you should also warn them that you will take their keys away if you:

  • Discover or are informed of any videos online that show your teen engaging in car surfing or any other dangerous driving behavior.
  • Hear from neighbors or others that they have seen them driving inappropriately.
  • Learn that they are engaging in dangerous stunts, even if they are not driving-related. 

Call an Attorney

Hopefully, your child will never be involved in a car surfing incident that results in a death or serious injury, but if they are on the scene of an accident as either a driver or as a videographer, it is possible that they could be charged. And these are not minor charges. In many cases, drivers have been hit with charges ranging from vehicular manslaughter or homicide to reckless driving. If your child was involved in a car surfing incident, you should call a criminal defense attorney immediately. Because this is a serious crime, you will need an experienced attorney to defend your child in court. In addition:

  • Don't let your child make statements to the police without legal representation. 
  • Get the names of witnesses and take pictures of the scene of the accident to give to your attorney. Perhaps, for example, a witness can testify that the victim jumped on your child's car without their permission. If you don't have that witness's name and contact information, your child may be found guilty when they should have been found innocent.  

Don't assume that your child understands that car surfing is a dangerous activity. To them, it may seem like a harmless stunt that they've seen hundreds of times being performed in videos. But the truth is car surfing can ruin the lives of everyone involved. 


21 January 2015

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