Ways To Save In Legal Costs During A Divorce

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While very few divorce cases actually get taken into the courtroom, others will still need some legal assistance from a lawyer to get by. This includes going through arbitration, litigation, and mediation, since having a lawyer in the room can prevent you from making some costly mistakes. But how can you avoid the legal fees that come with having your lawyer with you through this process? Here are some ways you can do it.

Get A Written Fee Agreement

A divorce could be your first time using a lawyer, which means you are unfamiliar with the ways that you will be billed for their time. It will help to request a written fee agreement from your lawyer so that you know exactly how you will be charged. For instance, it will help you know if a phone call with a question will be billing in 15 minute increments, or if it will be rounded up to an hour. If it's the latter, you may wait to make phone calls until you have enough questions to fill an hour of their time.

With the fee agreement as a reference, keep track of what you feel your fees should be, and compare it to what your lawyer charges in the end. It's no different than looking at your receipt when going to a store, and can help clarify potential mistakes that were made in billing.

Agree On Flat Fees

When a divorce is amicable, the proceedings should be relatively straightforward. If this will be the case with your divorce, arrange for flat fees for specific services rather than being charged hourly. It will help you manage the exact costs of services as you use your lawyer, and will avoid potential surprises when the divorce is finalized.

Remember that you won't be able to get a single flat fee for the entire divorce process. Instead, it will be broken up based on parts of the process. For example, a day of mediation could have its own fee, while preparing the legal documents that resulted from that mediation could be another fee.

Negotiate Without A Lawyer

If you and your spouse are both in agreement that you want to minimize legal fees, try negotiating with them prior to any mediation with your lawyer. You'll cut down on the actual hours spent in mediation, since many issues can be worked out between the two of you without legal help. Come into the meeting prepared with the things you know you'll agree on, and use mediation just for the tough issues.

For more tips on how to save money, don't be afraid to ask your lawyer prior to starting the divorce process. For more information, contact companies like The Law Offices of Justin Rickman.


28 March 2017

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