Strange Loopholes In Social Security Laws And What They Mean For You

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Obtaining Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income is a veritable nightmare. Many people struggle with getting their claims accepted, often without the help of a lawyer. Once you accept the fact that your claims will need legal help, you have already gone six months to a year without the benefits you need. The really bizarre part is that, once you actually have benefits, there are some bizarre loopholes in the laws. Here are those loopholes and what they mean to you:

If You Could Not Get Foodshare Before, You Can Now

Foodshare benefits, commonly known as "food stamps," is offered to low-income families to help support and feed the household. If you could not get Foodshare benefits before you began receiving Social Security benefits, you can now. This is important to know so that you do not spend all of your Social Security benefits on food and then have nothing left every month for the rest of your needs. If you are approved for Social Security benefits, be sure to apply right away for Foodshare. Most Foodshare applications are approved within a week or two, and your pro-rated benefits are loaded onto a debit card you can use right away.

Supplemental Security Benefits Are Automatic

If your Social Security benefits combined with your spouse's income do not exceed Federal Poverty Guidelines, you can receive a monthly stipend from your state funds as well. This benefit is known as "supplemental security income," or SSI. If you qualify for federal benefits, your state benefits will automatically be paid on the same date at the beginning of every month. You do not have to do anything extra to sign up for this extra money.

Medicare Is Also Yours for the Taking

Medicare does not just take care of the elderly. It also covers the disabled and chronically ill. If you have applied for and begin receiving SSDI and SSI, you automatically qualify for Medicare as well. You will need to go through the sign-up process for Medicare to establish the Parts/Plans you wish to receive.

Working a Job AND Receiving Benefits

This is probably the strangest loophole of all. To get benefits, you cannot be working, but once you begin receiving benefits, you can go back to work part-time. You are allowed to make up to a certain dollar amount every month, after which the government begins docking your benefits. That means you could almost double your money every month while working part-time and receiving disability benefits.

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10 November 2017

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