Negotiating Successful Contracts

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For many business entities, having the ability to rely on contracts is essential. Negotiating the terms of a contract so that both parties are happy and protected is an art.

If you are looking to make your contract negotiation efforts more successful in the future, here are three tips that you can keep in mind to help streamline the negotiations process.

1. Agree to basic terms before drafting a written copy.

Before all of the parties involved in the signing of a contract can reach an agreement, several drafts of the contract will likely need to be written. These drafts help to solidify the efforts of your negotiation activities and spell out the terms of the contract in black and white so that all parties can understand them clearly.

If you want to reduce the amount of time and effort required to draft a successful contract, you should try to agree to basic terms before creating a written draft. Having basic terms worked out will give your draft some merit, and help the draft serve as a better negotiating tool in the future.

 2. Involve your lawyer in every step of the process.

When you are drafting contracts that help to allocate significant resources, you want to ensure that the rights of all parties are protected throughout the negotiation process.

It can be beneficial to involve your lawyer in each step of the process to identify any potential legal snags or rights conflicts that could affect the outcome of your negotiation efforts. Having your lawyer present at all negotiations will also help to ensure that no information is misinterpreted when it comes to drafting a written copy of your contracts in the future.

3. Discuss the ramifications of compromise.

Being able to make compromises is essential when it comes to the successful negotiation of contracts. It's important that you understand how any potential compromise that you are willing to make could affect your business in the future.

Before you agree to anything in writing, have your attorney help you conduct an impact analysis. This analysis will help you better determine if a certain set of compromises is in your company's best interest as you move forward with your contract negotiations.

Being able to more effectively negotiate your contracts will help your company's success grow. Take the time to work out basic details before drafting a written contract, involve your corporate attorney in all aspects of the negotiation process, and carefully determine which compromises will benefit your company, in the long run, to make your future contracts more successful.


11 December 2017

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