3 Things To Know About Workers Compensation Lawyers

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Have you been injured while at work? Is your employer trying to place the blame on you in order to avoid compensating you for your injuries even though the injury wasn't your fault? When you've been injured and are unable to work, having your claims be denied and your injuries dismissed by your employer and your employer's insurance company can be extremely frustrating. This obviously adds to the stress of being unable to pay all of your bills in full due to being unable to work. Under these circumstances, it's understandable to initially want to give up. However, there is hope. Hiring an attorney can help make things faster and simpler for you. If you're balking at this idea, here are some things that you should know about workers compensation lawyers:

No out-of-pocket payments: One of the biggest reasons why people avoid hiring an attorney to assist with workers compensation cases is due to the issue of payment. It's not uncommon to be under the impression that any attorney is going to want a hefty payment up-front before he or she will do any work on your case. Fortunately, this is not how things work with workers compensation cases. Instead of taking money from you, an attorney will take a portion of whatever settlement he or she is able to get on your behalf. The exact percentage is going to depend on the attorney and the firm that they work for but is usually somewhere from 10-35% of your settlement.

Stop creditor calls: Most creditors are going to be willing to wait for payment, so long as they know that they will definitely get paid. They may still charge you late fees, but you at least won't have to deal with daily calls. Unfortunately, bill collectors are going to be unlikely to take your word for it that you don't actually have the money right now because you've been injured and are waiting for a settlement. But they may take the word of the lawyer who is working on your workers compensation case. This will allow you some breathing room while you rest and recover from your injuries.

Faster settlement: Every year, hundreds or even thousands of people attempt to make false workers compensation claims. This, understandably, makes both employers and insurance companies wary of paying out on any type of claim. Even though your claim may be legitimate, they are going to scrutinize it closely in order to look for any flaws or signs that you're not telling the truth. Having an attorney on your side who is working on your case and who believes the evidence that you've given him or her is something that can go a long way towards convincing the insurance company that you're serious about your injury and your claims.

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10 April 2018

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