Communicate These Wishes To Your Divorce Attorney

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Of all the times that you need to hire an attorney, going through a divorce can be one of the toughest of all. Your divorce attorney will be an advocate for you from the start of the proceedings to their conclusion, so it's important that he or she has a clear idea of what you want to get out of the divorce. 

Divorces can range from civil to highly combative, so your own situation could be anywhere on this spectrum. If you've given some thought to your wishes about how the situation will unfold, you'll want to share these wishes with the attorney. Here are some things that you might talk about.

Quick Resolution

Many people who are divorcing do not wish to drag out the legal proceedings. While a contentious divorce can take a long time to resolve, you might be leaning toward a quick resolution. If you and your spouse can find common ground in this regard, make sure that you convey this information to your divorce attorney. A quick resolution can be less upsetting to all parties involved because you and spouse will be able to more quickly go your separate ways and get on with your lives.

Settlement Without A Judge

In highly contentious divorces, it's common for both attorneys to present their cases to a judge, who will then make rulings about the division of assets and other such matters. For the divorcing couple, it can be frustrating to have someone else decide that which you should ideally be able to decide together. If you want to avoid going in front of a judge, make sure that your attorney knows this wish. He or she will then be able to present a reasonable settlement idea to your spouse's attorney, and hopefully, you can work something out.

Equal Division Of Assets

Equally dividing your assets is often the simplest and quickest way to go. Both parties won't always agree with this idea, but if it's important to you, make sure that your attorney knows this. They will share this information with your spouse's attorney, who will then assess your spouse's interest in this idea. Even a spouse who doesn't initially want the assets divided 50/50 may warm to the idea for the sake of resolving things. If you have any other wishes about how things will unfold, make sure that you share them in detail with your attorney.

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16 May 2018

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