Community Issues To Carefully Consider In A Custody Battle

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When you're going through a custody battle with your ex-spouse to determine who will get custody of your children, there are many issues to think about. It's easy to get caught up in which parent will provide a better and more stable environment for the children, and while this is certainly important, it's not the only topic of consideration. There are a number of community-related issues that you and your ex-spouse should discuss — and always think about your children's best interest, not your own selfishness. Here are some community-based topics to consider.


The location of the children's school is arguably the most important community-based consideration in any custody battle. If one parent has moved to a different part of the city or even out of the city entirely, it's plausible that the children would have to attend a new school if they were to live with that parent. While many children are forced to change schools for different reasons, it's not a stretch to suggest that doing so can be difficult and perhaps even traumatic for your children. Given the importance of education, you may not want to take the risk of your children falling behind at school because they're struggling to fit into their new environment.


Your children's friends may primarily be classmates, but it's also popular that they're close with a number of the other children in their current neighborhood. For example, these children may go to a different school than your children but remain good friends outside of school hours. Moving children to a new area as a result of changes in their custody can be deeply troubling, as the children would be forced to leave their friends behind and start making friends — something that can be a challenge at any age.


You and your ex-spouse should also consider the various activities in which your children participate and consider the toll that moving them to a new area could take. Lots of children are active in many assorted activities within their community, including sports, youth clubs, and other such organizations. Moving the children may result in them not being eligible to partake in these activities in their previous location, meaning that you'd need to enroll them in different programs in the new location. You and your ex-spouse, with the help of your respective attorneys, should always evaluate these topics and seek to find a good solution for the children.

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18 July 2018

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