Tips To Prepare For Your Divorce Mediation Meeting

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Divorce mediation can be a less stressful and also less expensive method of divorce. While mediation works best when both parties are on good terms, even more emotionally charged divorces can benefit from mediation if the former spouses are willing to work together for a short period. The following tips can help you get ready for your divorce mediation meetings.

Tip #1: List your assets

You need to create a master list of assets. This includes big ticket items like the house, cars, and investments, as well as an inventory of household items. Once you have inventoried everything you and your spouse own, make a separate list of what you consider your personal possessions. This could be your clothing, furniture you brought with you into the marriage, or even one of the vehicles that is your primary mode of transportation. Finally, make a list of shared assets that you would like to own, as well as those you are willing to give up. For example, do you want to keep the house but are willing to sign over an investment account in exchange? Your asset list is a place to make note of this. Having a few assets you are willing to give up provides you with a bargaining chip to use with your ex so that you can get the things you do want.

Tip #2: List your debts

Not only assets are divided in a divorce, debts must be split fairly as well. Begin with a list of all known debts that are shared in both you and your former spouse's name. If you or your ex also have debts in only one name but that should be considered shared debts, list these as well. For example, it's not uncommon for only one name to be on a home mortgage even though you both consider yourselves owners of the house. Debts will need to be divided up fairly and legally during mediation, so don't leave anything out.

Tip #3: Lay out your custody wishes

If children are involved, then custody arrangements must be agreed to. Fortunately, you can often handle this in mediation as well, as long as your ex is amicable. Come up with your ideal arrangement and put it on paper. Keep in mind that you likely won't get the ideal arrangement, so be willing to work with your ex to meet their desires, as well. Most importantly, think of your children's welfare first and foremost. While full-time custody may be your ideal, is it really what is best for your kids and ex, or would they benefit from remaining in each other's lives?

Being realistic as well as clear in your desires is one of the major keys for making mediation work. Talk to professionals like Chesney & Nicholas LLP for more help.


21 August 2018

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