Motorcycle Accidents: What Are the Common Causes?

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Riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than riding in a passenger vehicle. After all, on a motorcycle, you don't have the shell of a vehicle to protect you. No matter how experienced a rider you may be, you are still susceptible to serious — and even fatal — accidents. It simply takes a single distracted driver for a devastating wreck to occur. All motorists can take measures to prevent accidents from happening, and it helps to be familiar with the most common causes of motorcycle-related collisions.

Left-Turning Vehicles

For motorcyclists, an intersection is one of the most dangerous places to be. This is because though drivers in vehicles may be on the lookout for other vehicles prior to making their turn, they often fail to properly look for motorcycles. The greatest threat to motorcyclists is a vehicle that is making a left-hand turn, though motorcyclists are always vulnerable when multiple roads meet. However, with left-turning vehicles, motorcyclists may find themselves being struck when they are making a turn themselves, traveling straight through the cross-section, or trying to pass the turning vehicle.

Reckless Lane Changes

A driver who fails to properly scan his or her surrounding prior to making a lane change can cause a disastrous sideswipe collision. In some cases, even the individuals who do look prior to making the lane change may still hit a motorcyclist due to the rider being in the vehicle's blind spot. Blind spots can be very dangerous, which is why it is important for motorcyclists to avoid traveling in a vehicle's blind spot. This is particularly true when passing a vehicle — make sure to only stay within the blind spot for a few seconds when attempting a pass. Motorcyclists need to remember that if they are unable to see the driver of the vehicle in his or her side mirrors, then the driver is unable to see him or her (the motorcyclist).

Opening Doors

This one may seem strange to some people, but believe it or not, motorcyclists are at risk of a collision due to opening doors from parked cars. Sure, traveling through a parking lot seems like it would be safer than traveling at a high speed down the highway, but parked cars and slow-moving traffic can often be just as dangerous in their own way. Make sure that you exercise caution in parking lots where there are parked vehicles, and make sure to leave a few feet between you and any other vehicles. If you fail to do this, you may find yourself being taken out by a door.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle accident as a result of a reckless or negligent driver, reach out to a personal injury attorney near you to discuss the facts of your case.


26 February 2019

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