How A DUI Conviction Can Wreck Your Career

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The consequences of getting convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) go beyond the legal punishments the court might prescribe. For example, a DUI conviction can have negative effects on your career. Below are some of the reasons a DUI might affect your job.

Driving License Suspension

The loss of a driving license is almost certain after a DU conviction. Without your license, you won't be able to drive. Your inability to drive can affect you work both directly and indirectly. For example, a truck driver or a traveling salesperson that cannot drive also cannot perform their work duties effectively. Depending on your job, you may be fired or suspended when you lose your license.

Professional License Suspension 

Some professional organizations don't look too kindly to criminal convictions, either. Depending on your organization, you may face disciplinary actions, such as the suspension of your professional licenses, if you are convicted of a DUI. The risk is even higher if you have multiple DUI convictions.

Firing Policy

Some sensitive occupations have mandatory firing policies that each employee has to agree to when signing a job contract. Once you agree to such a policy, then your employer has the authority to fire you without notice once you are convicted of a DUI. Consider the case of a school bus driver who is charged with collecting and delivering children safely. Such a driver is unlikely to continue with their job if they are convicted of a DUI.

Further Education

If your educational credentials play a significant role in your advancement, then a DUI can affect your job indirectly by making it difficult to further your education. For example, some schools might deny you admission, and some organizations might withhold educational grants from applicants with criminal records. The result is that you might stagnate in your current career stage.

Missed Work

Lastly, a DUI can also make you miss work, which won't sit well with your employer. For example, you might miss work if you are arrested, if you have to make court appearances, if you have to consult with your lawyer, or if you are incarcerated. Depending on your workplace's policies, you might be suspended or even fired. Even if the employer forgives your indiscretion, the conviction will affect your job advancement opportunities.

It's in your best interest to hire a DUI attorney if you are facing charges. Don't admit anything or divulge any information to the authorities before consulting with a lawyer.


15 August 2019

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