Coming Up with an Invention? Know About These 4 Patent Requirements

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A patent is a way for you to have a monopoly on a specific invention for a limited amount of time, which allows you to profit off of your idea until the patent becomes part of the public domain. If you feel like you are ready to move forward to get a patent for one of your inventions, it will help to know the following four requirements about them.

The Invention Matter Must Be Documentable

The first thing that you must understand about patents is that your idea must be something that can be documentable. This means that it must be a machine, process, composition, or something that can be described in a document. If it is something that you can make, it is something that you can patent. This is to prevent people from trying to patent an idea that can be found in nature. 

The Invention Must Be Useful

There must be some sort of benefit of the invention that can be identifiable and useful to others. While this is kind of a subjective requirement, know that there is a lot of leeway with what is considered a useful invention. In general, if it performs a function that somebody would use, it is considered useful. 

The Invention Must Be New

You are not allowed to patent an invention that has been created before. If it is a process that is accomplishing the same end result as another process, the process must be done in a different way to get to that endpoint. If your invention is the finished product, it must do something different from similar products out there. Patent law allows you to come up with a new way to do things or improve on existing ideas, as long as it is not too similar to a patent that is out there.

The Invention Must Be Reproducible By Others

Part of the parent process is that you must document the process that is required to make and use your invention. If you do not supply the information, then there is no benefit to give you the rights to a monopoly and profit from the invention. For example, if you are trying to patent a recipe, you cannot just list the ingredients, but the steps needed in order to make the final dish.

Work with a local patent attorney for assistance with creating a patent for your invention.


27 August 2020

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