What Type Of Damages Should I Expect After A Truck Accident?

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If you've been injured in a truck accident, you have the right to sue. In order to know whether you should go to court or are getting a fair settlement amount, you need to know what kind of damages you can receive.

Payment for Medical Bills

You'll likely have substantial medical bills if you were injured in a truck accident. These bills can include everything from emergency room visits to doctor's appointments to surgeries.

Sometimes, your health insurance may not fully cover the costs. They often have a limit on things like ambulance fees, or you could have been taken to a hospital that wasn't in your network. Even if they cover everything, you might have a deductible to pay.

In addition, your health insurance company has the right to recover from the truck driver. So even if they paid for some of your expenses, they can participate in your lawsuit against the truck driver and recover the portion that they already paid.

Lost Income

Most truck accidents involve a significant loss of income. In some cases, a truck accident victim could miss weeks or months of work while recovering from his or her injury. You also may not be able to go back to work or have to change to a lower-paying job. If you have a long-term disability, this can be one of the hardest damages to properly prove.

You're entitled to receive money for your lost income both immediately after your accident and for the rest of your life. Your lawyer can help you prove what you would have owned based on your current career trajectory and what's typical for people in your field.

Pain and Suffering 

As a result of a truck accident, you may experience pain and suffering. Pain and suffering refer to emotional distress caused by physical injuries. This includes any mental anguish, embarrassment, anxiety, anger, depression, despair, fear, humiliation, shock, worry, and other emotions associated with a personal injury.

It's not always easy to quantify the amount of emotional damage someone has suffered due to a truck accident. Each case is unique and difficult to judge. An even bigger problem is that the insurance companies will often say you're faking it. Your lawyer can help you get the doctors' evaluations you need to support your claim.

To learn more about what your accident case is worth, contact a local truck accident lawyer today.


17 February 2022

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It can be hard to know what to do to protect yourself legally in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. You’re liable to be disoriented or in shock, you may be injured, and you’re surely worried about your passenger or the other driver. At least, that’s how I felt. The thing is, the things you say and do in the immediate aftermath of an accident may affect a legal case later. Depending on who’s at fault and what the laws are in your state, you may want to sue the other driver for damages, or you may find yourself being sued. My blog is designed to give you tips for a car accident lawsuit, no matter which side you find yourself on.