How To Get Justice After Severe Injuries After Slipping Or Tripping In A Stairway

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Many people slip or trip on stairways and suffer serious injuries that alter their lives. Unfortunately, some don't take legal action because they assume this incident is purely accidental. As a result, they struggle with huge medical bills and other financial losses caused by the accidents. However, that should not be the case if you fell because the stairway was poorly made or wet or the accident occurred because of any other form of negligence. In these cases, you can sue the stairway owner, which may enable you to get compensation for your injuries. You may want to know the following about these claims before taking legal action.  

Ways In Which Stairways Can Become Unsafe

Stairway owners must ensure that their stairs are safe to use as the law recommends. That includes ensuring that their stairway is properly installed and the stairs are not too low or too high. They should also carry out regular maintenance to avoid injuries. Failure to do this causes different defects that expose innocent people to danger. For instance, the steps and the handrails could become loose or the steps could rust. In addition, some replace faulty parts with poor-quality ones, which makes the stairway hazardous.

Stairway owners who don't take the necessary safety measures should take full responsibility for the losses incurred when someone slips and falls on the faulty passage. However, these claims usually require extensive investigation to determine what caused the accident. You also need information proving that the stairway owner was fully responsible for the accident. Your attorney can help you to get the evidence needed to aid a favorable settlement.

Determining the Wrongdoer

Your attorney will use compelling evidence to prove that the stairway had a hazardous condition that caused your injuries. For instance, they might use photos to show that some screws were loose or ice had built up on the stairs when your accident happened. Your lawyer can also get witnesses who will confirm that the stairway owner knew about the hazard but never took measures to repair or remove it. In addition, they can use expert witness statements to prove that the technicians did not repair the stairway properly and their mistake led to the accident. These facts will prove that the wrongdoer failed to look out for the safety of the people who used the stairs. Therefore, they will ask the judge to punish them for their negligence and compel them to provide a settlement for your injuries.

You should not handle the financial burden caused by injuries sustained in a stairway alone if someone else's carelessness caused the accident. Instead, hire a civil litigation attorney to prepare and file a claim against the wrongdoer.

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23 August 2022

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