Why Accident Releases Are Almost Always A Bad Idea

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After a car accident, most accident victims just want their lives to get back to normal. They want to heal from the physical injuries, get back to work, spend time with their families instead of at the hospital, and enjoy life again. Unfortunately, none of those things can help accident victims pay the financial costs of an accident and that is where the accident release comes in. Read on to find out more about the release and what it means to your ability to be paid fairly.

14 November 2019

Working With A Personal Injury Lawyer After An Accident

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A careless driver could affect your life in many ways. Fortunately, civil law provides accident victims with the legal means to be paid for their losses. To ensure you are paid what you deserve, it's important to seek legal help and retain a personal injury lawyer. The way you and your lawyer get along and work together can influence your chances of personal injury success. Read on to find out more.

17 October 2019

An Air Show May Be Liable For The Following Spectator Injuries

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When you think about being injured at an air show, having a plane crash into the crowd may be the first thing that comes to mind. This is a serious accident that can leave multiple people killed and even more people injured, but it's not the only way that your air show experience can end in an injury. If you're planning to attend an upcoming air show, you want to do all that you can to stay safe.

23 September 2019

How A DUI Conviction Can Wreck Your Career

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The consequences of getting convicted for driving under the influence (DUI) go beyond the legal punishments the court might prescribe. For example, a DUI conviction can have negative effects on your career. Below are some of the reasons a DUI might affect your job. Driving License Suspension The loss of a driving license is almost certain after a DU conviction. Without your license, you won't be able to drive. Your inability to drive can affect you work both directly and indirectly.

15 August 2019

Situations That Might Trigger Medical Negligence Claims Against Pharmacists

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A pharmacist is a health professional whose negligence can constitute medical malpractice, just like other health professionals. For example, you can accuse your pharmacist of medical malpractice under the following circumstances: Dispensing the Wrong Medication It is possible for a pharmacist to dispense the wrong medication, although it is rare. In this case, you might suffer a two-fold injury. First, your initial medical condition might worsen because you won't be treating it with the right medicine.

15 July 2019

Proving A Doctor-Patient Relationship During A Medical Malpractice Claim

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To sue for medical malpractice, you have to prove that a doctor-patient relationship existed. For this reason, one of the ways that a doctor or his or her attorney will attempt to defend against a medical malpractice claim is to assert that he or she never had a doctor-patient relationship. Under these circumstances, you'll have to work hard to prove that this relationship actually existed.  The History of the Doctor-Patient Distinction

8 June 2019

Pain And Suffering Elements In A Personal Injury Case

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If you are pursuing a personal injury case, pain and suffering are likely to be part of your damages. The pain and suffering damages are nonmonetary losses that you have suffered as a result of the defendant's actions or inaction. The following are some of the specific elements of pain and suffering damages. Physical Pain Physical pain is almost always present after an accident. For example, if a car knocked you over while you were jogging by the road, you may suffer fractures, dislocations, and lacerations, among other potential injuries.

10 May 2019

3 Things That Can Prevent You From Getting A U.S. Work Visa

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You might be excited about all of the opportunities that are available in the United States, and you could be hoping to take advantage of these opportunities yourself with the help of a work visa. You probably want to know what you have to do if you want to avoid having your work visa denied, since you probably want to do everything that you can to get approved. These are some of the common problems that can prevent you from getting the visa that you want so that you can explore new work opportunities in the United States.

31 March 2019

Motorcycle Accidents: What Are the Common Causes?

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Riding a motorcycle is far more dangerous than riding in a passenger vehicle. After all, on a motorcycle, you don't have the shell of a vehicle to protect you. No matter how experienced a rider you may be, you are still susceptible to serious — and even fatal — accidents. It simply takes a single distracted driver for a devastating wreck to occur. All motorists can take measures to prevent accidents from happening, and it helps to be familiar with the most common causes of motorcycle-related collisions.

26 February 2019

Is It Possible To Get Lifetime Alimony?

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When courts order one spouse to pay alimony to the other, it's usually for a limited time (e.g. 3 years) to help the receiving spouse get back on his or her financial feet. In some cases, though, the courts will order alimony to be paid on a permanent basis, and only death of the payer or receiver will end the obligation. Although this type of alimony is no longer popular, here are two reasons the court may award it.

21 January 2019