Motorcycle Accidents Caused By Government Neglect or Negligence: What You Should Know


Most people who only drive four-wheeled vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and SUVs, are not aware of the small  but significant dangers that lurk on the roads and highways. However, motorcycle operators are all too familiar with many of these hazards. In some cases, danger spots are created by the actions or neglect of government entities responsible for the maintenance of transportation networks. Below are some of the more common hazards and what you should know about each.

6 September 2016

A Guide For Finding The Right Criminal Defense Lawyer For Your Case


No one likes to think about needing a criminal defense lawyer, which means many people are at a disadvantage when the unthinkable happens and they find themselves in need of a defense lawyer. If you find yourself in this situation, you probably already know that time is of the essence, but that doesn't give you an excuse to call the first name you find in the yellow pages. Follow these tips for looking for and hiring a criminal defense lawyer to handle your case.

8 December 2015

4 Situations You Might Need a Real Estate Lawyer


When it comes to purchasing a house, you probably think you have everything figured out. Especially when you're closing the deal. Hey, you've come this far, might think that you might as well fly this last stretch solo, as well. You might, however, want to consider an attorney. There are many states where having an attorney present when you purchase a home is, in fact, mandatory. Real estate attorneys are attorneys that specialize in real estate.

17 August 2015

Can You Sue For Personal Injury If You Were Trespassing?


You experienced a relatively serious injury while at a neighbor's property. Normally, you might figure you could receive a settlement from the property owner's insurance company, but there's just one problem -- you weren't supposed to be there and technically you were trespassing. Is there any way you still can obtain financial compensation because of unsafe conditions on this property? The answer depends on certain factors.  Premises Liability Homeowners sometimes are sued when a person is injured on their property because of legal concepts known as duty of care and premises liability.

31 March 2015

5 Ways To Maximize Your Chances Of Getting Social Security Disablity


Many people who file a claim for Social Security Disability receive an unpleasant surprise when their claim is unceremoniously denied. If you have recently had this experience, you have probably been advised by friends and family not to give up, but you may be unsure of how to proceed and are skeptical of your chances of approval. However, your chances of successful navigation of a SS disability appeal can be greatly increased by hiring a skilled and experienced Social Security lawyer.

26 January 2015

Suing A Government Agency For Personal Injury? 5 Ways To Lose Your Case Before It Even Starts


Do you feel that your local city, state, or federal government is responsible for injuries you have sustained? Are you planning on filing a lawsuit against this agency? If so, it's crucial that you check out the below information right now. Government agencies have extremely strict filing procedures, and if you don't follow these procedures correctly, your case can be thrown out before it ever gets to court. Read on for 5 ways to lose your personal injury case against a government agency before it even begins.

6 January 2015