Can Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Prevent Foreclosure?

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If you are afraid you will lose your home to foreclosure, you may be considering bankruptcy to avoid that possibility. Chapter 13 bankruptcy may help, but there are some important things to keep in mind. The following are some things you need to know about foreclosure and how bankruptcy might be able to save your home: How Does Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Help Resolve Foreclosure? Your foreclosure attorney may suggest that you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy if you are on the verge of losing your home.

11 November 2022

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy And Your Trustee

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Anyone with extremely serious financial problems may have to consider filing for bankruptcy at some point. Individuals forced to declare bankruptcy have two choices: file under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code or under Chapter 13. If you have the resources to pay off some of your outstanding debt, it's probably a good idea to file under Chapter 13. This provision allows you to keep your property rather than forfeit your possessions to creditors.

11 November 2022

3 Common Complications During Probate

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Do you have a loved one that recently passed away? Did they leave behind a large estate with significant assets? Before those assets can be distributed to heirs, the estate will likely have to go through a process called probate. Probate is the legal process of settling one's estate. It involves notifying heirs, filing taxes, identifying assets, and more. It can be a lengthy and costly process, depending on what is involved in the estate.

12 October 2022

Benefits Of Using Online Apostille Services

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If you need to verify the authenticity of signatures or seals for federal documents in a foreign country, you'll need to use apostille services. Online solutions are available, which you might consider using for the following reasons.  Rush Services Are Available You may be in a hurry to authenticate important documents being sent to a foreign country, such as court orders or birth certificates. In that case, online apostille services are ideal because they typically allow for rush services.

20 September 2022

How To Get Justice After Severe Injuries After Slipping Or Tripping In A Stairway

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Many people slip or trip on stairways and suffer serious injuries that alter their lives. Unfortunately, some don't take legal action because they assume this incident is purely accidental. As a result, they struggle with huge medical bills and other financial losses caused by the accidents. However, that should not be the case if you fell because the stairway was poorly made or wet or the accident occurred because of any other form of negligence.

23 August 2022

All You Should Know About A Custody Agreement

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One of the most complicated processes you might have to get through is separating from a spouse, especially when you have children. The court will demand that as you part ways, you should put in place measures to ensure that your children's future is secured. The agreements and parenting plans are some documents that you might have to draft in the process. Here is everything you need to know about establishing child custody.

26 July 2022

Why It's Crucial To Contact A Real Estate Tax Attorney When Filing Property Levies

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The taxes derived from properties are used to perform various tasks. They finance education, build infrastructure, and pay for social services. The government collects them in the form of levies. While it's important to pay them in accordance with the law, you shouldn't pay more than required. You should also contest any illegal levies. This is why you need a real estate tax attorney anytime you're filing. They'll guide you through the process and ensure you only pay what you owe.

29 June 2022

How To Know When You Need A Family Lawyer

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Family law brings to mind divorces and child custody or child support. The problem is, you may think those are the only services offered by a family law attorney. The truth is, there are several services a family attorney offers. Here are the ways to know if you will need a family attorney and how they can help you with your specific case.  Prenuptial Agreement  Not all services a family lawyer offers deal with divorce.

27 May 2022

How To Prove Intellectual Property Theft

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If you're a business owner, you should know how to protect your intellectual property and what actions to take if it is stolen. You may need to go to court to defend your patents, copyrights, or trademarks. But what happens when the other side doesn't play fair? Here are some tips on how to prove intellectual property theft in court. Gather Evidence When it comes to protecting your intellectual property, you need to gather and analyze evidence to confirm any theft claims.

29 April 2022

Role Of An Attorney In Estate Administration

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When you die, the estate execution process begins. The process may entail gathering and valuing assets, paying creditors, collecting money owed by debtors, and distributing your assets accordingly. However, your estate administrator may encounter legal problems during these processes. In such cases, hiring an estate administration attorney is essential. Here are the roles of an estate administration lawyer. Will Contention  The deceased may exempt you from his will, yet you're a deserving beneficiary.

24 March 2022