Four Things You Need To Know To Fight A Frivolous Lawsuit Against Your Business

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If your business is facing the possibility of a frivolous lawsuit, you may be on edge. It can be confusing if this is your first time, and you may not be sure what steps to take. The following are a few things you should know if you are threatened with a frivolous lawsuit. Do not simply cave to the individual's demand and pay out This is often what a business owner will do if the amount of money the person is asking for is small.

30 November 2021

Get Your Accident Case Over With The Right Way

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Just the thought of a "release' can seem good to an accident victim. Many of those who have been hurt by a careless driver are more than ready to get their lives back, and a release may bring to mind letting go of everything related to the accident. Accident releases do allow victims and everyone else connected to the accident to let go and get the case over with. Unfortunately, though, many victims don't realize that they could be signing away their ability to take further action in the future.

20 October 2021

What Factors Impact An Auto Accident Settlement?

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Are you dealing with an auto accident injury and wondering about receiving compensation? If so, you're likely wondering what factors play into your settlement amount. You Can't Get Money From The Other Driver's Insurance Policy One thing that many people do not realize is that receiving compensation will depend on what kind of insurance the other person has. If they have good insurance with high coverage limits, you are going to have no issue receiving the compensation you deserve to recover from your injury.

14 September 2021

Deep In Debt And Can't Get Out? Hire A Debt Consolidation Attorney

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If you have found yourself deep in debt and are not able to get out, it can ruin your credit. It can be difficult, especially if you have more than one credit card or loan. One way to get out of debt is to hire a debt consolidation attorney. Below is information on what debt consolidation is and how an attorney can assist you. Debt Consolidation Debt consolidation is rolling all your debt into one single debt, which means you would only have one payment to make each month for all the debt that you have instead of several payments.

10 August 2021

How Your Miranda Rights Can Affect Your DUI Case

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On television, you might notice that the police will usually read a suspect's Miranda Rights as they are being arrested. However, you might wonder if this will happen when you are arrested for a DUI. You will not necessarily have your rights read to you, and you'll want to speak with a DUI attorney about whether this will affect your DUI case. When Your Rights Need to be Read The police only need to read you your rights if you have been taken into custody and will be interrogated.

30 June 2021

How Can You Get an Affordable Bail Bond?

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When bail is set high, it can seem incredibly difficult to get out of jail so that you can go home and work on your case. You are not alone if you afraid of paying all that money to get out of jail. If you are tight on funds but need to get out of jail, this is what you need to know. The Bail Set Is Not What You Have to Pay

1 June 2021

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Real Estate Attorney

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If you are to purchase or sell real estate anywhere, it is vital to find a top-notch lawyer to protect your best interests. This is because the attorney will have access to your personal and confidential information. Furthermore, you'll entrust him to guide and give you legal advice through a situation you wouldn't handle yourself. Are you wondering what you should consider when looking for a realty attorney? Worry not. Read on to find out the factors to consider.

26 April 2021

4 Reasons To Consider Divorce Mediation Instead Of A Traditional Divorce

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Divorce does not have to be a contentious matter. Sometimes couples can resolve their issues in an amicable manner. Some couples mistakenly think that their divorces must go through full litigation in a family court. Divorce mediation is an alternative to traditional divorce. It offers several advantages when compared to a traditional divorce. Some couples seek out a mediator to help them through the divorce process. Judges can also order mediation before they allow a divorce case to go through family court.

28 March 2021

Confused About Family Law? 4 Times When Seeking Representation Is The Smart Choice

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A majority of American families do not maintain a regular relationship with a legal advisor, such as a family law attorney. This lack of ongoing contact can make it difficult to locate and retain an attorney quickly when the need for one arises.  If you are wondering whether your family could benefit from having a family lawyer on retainer, this information can help you make the right decision.  Divorce and custody 

26 February 2021

3 Reasons To Hire An Attorney After An Accident

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Were you recently involved in an accident? Personal injury claims accommodate various types of accidents and injuries. You may have gotten an injury from a slip and fall, a vehicle accident, or a neighbor's furry pet bite.  While you might be tempted to represent yourself when handling the claim through the court or out-of-court negotiations, it is usually not the best option. Here's where a lawyer's expertise and guidance come in handy.

26 January 2021